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The Program:
Millie Lynn is launching their first ever brand ambassador program!! Every girl who is accepted will get the chance to promote their favorite clothing store, while also getting the chance to grow their own personal social media. 

Millie Lynn Ambassador Qualifications:

  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Your Instagram must be set to public
  • Love shopping at Millie Lynn and love our brand
  • Love fashion, social media, & staying up on the latest trends
  • Have over 1000 followers on Instagram/Tik Tok (if not, must prove a highly engaged audience)

Millie Lynn Ambassador Requirements:

  • 2 posts to your Instagram feed per month promoting Millie Lynn (This can include you wearing Millie Lynn or a video of you sporting our clothes).
    • If you are a Tik Tok ambassador: post a tik tok video 3 times per month wearing Millie Lynn 
  • 4 posts to your Instagram stories per month (This can be a re-post of a sale, collection launch, or new arrivals. It can also be a try on session, flatlay or any other creative content you come up with!)
  • Use the #millielynnambassador hashtag & tag @shopmillilynn in all of your posts!

Millie Lynn Ambassador Perks:

  • 20% off discount for you
  • 10% off discount for your followers & friends (a referral code)
  • Chance to grow your personal social media page
  • The chance to be featured on the Millie Lynn Instagram, Pinterest and website (including the homepage) 
  • Chance to host an event at our store if you are local
  • If you are local, the chance to come in and do a try on video (after receiving 3 referral code usages)
  • Quarterly competitions resulting in a Millie Lynn campaign photo shoot(s) & free clothes if you win


Click the link below and fill out the application.  If you are chosen to be a brand ambassador you will be notified in less than 7 days.  This program is new, therefore we will only be accepting a small amount. Please feel free to apply as much as you like as we will always be adapting and making the program better!